Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

I provide small business owners with the opportunity to step out of the busy day-to-day running of their businesses and spend time thinking about their marketing in a considered and structured way.

I usually do this in the following stages:

Stage one – identifying and understanding your ideal target customer

The cornerstone of great marketing is identifying and really knowing who your ideal target customer is. And this is where I always begin with clients.

Stage two – exploring how your business delivers value to your ideal target customer

Once we really know who this is, we look at how your business delivers value to this ideal target customer through its products and services. In other words, its value proposition.

Stage three – looking at how to best deliver your value proposition to market

We then explore a number of things - the best channels for promoting and delivering your products and services to market, how your business is leveraging the resources you use, potential partnerships you can make and so on. Really understanding your customer makes this later step much more fruitful.

The goal

To make your business distinctive - so that your ideal target customer instantly recognises what you are selling to them as valuable. This will increase your revenues and achieve a greater return on your marketing spend.

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