Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Reversing the fortunes of a product at risk.  
The opportunity
  • A client’s long standing qualification to help individuals become proficient in using IT was facing the axe after the Government decided to introduce new universal standards by which qualifications in using IT should be developed. Only qualifications developed to these new standards (known as iTQ) would attract government funding going forward. Qualifications with government funding are easier to sell.
  • If the client wanted to continue in this particular market - and there was reason to - it would need to redevelop its IT User offering (e-Quals) to meet the requirements of this new universal qualification.
The approach
  • The customers and end users were unhappy. They were the FE colleges and training providersdelivering the courses that led to the qualification, and the individuals taking the courses. Both really liked the existing qualification. The colleges and training providers were also apprehensive when it came to delivering the new qualification.
  • The client redeveloped its offer, mapping units from its existing qualification to the new universal one. It was the only player in the market to do so.
  • Focused messaging (e-Quals equals iTQ) and marketing activity on the fact that colleges and training providers could essentially continue delivering their existing course content, but it would go under the name of the new universal qualification.
  • A well-considered customer journey helped prospect customers move from consideration to purchase.
The results
  • A 24% growth against a previous and predicted loss.
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