Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Central to my own business proposition is helping other small businesses stand out.

My clients operate in competitive markets, where potential customers have lots of similar businesses, products, services or expertise to choose from.

All this competition creates noise as businesses fight to get heard. Not only that, the marketing activity and messaging that creates this noise often varies very little from business to business.

As a result, it's hard for the customer to know who to choose. This is especially the case if there is no clear or compelling reason why they should trust or purchase from a given business over anybody else. What they offer appears to be pretty much the same and deliver similar benefits.

I help small businesses like yours stand out by working with you:

  • to identify the group of customers that count to you most. If you try please everyone you will stand out to no-one.
  • to find that clear and compelling reason why your chosen group of target customers should buy from you above anyone else. Helping you make an emotional connection with the customer so when they come across your marketing, they go ‘that’s exactly what I am looking for’.

It could involve enhancing what you offer, positioning how you talk about your product or service or a bit of both.

Either way, you will no longer be lost in the crowd.

However, whilst I have helped you put the foundations in place the journey is not over yet.

You still need to execute your marketing.

Having the foundations in place though means that when you go onto build or update your website, run a campaign, be that on social media or integrated with other activities, you will be hitting the right people with the right offer in the right way.

Think of all the money you have spent on a website that doesn't generate leads, those Facebook ads that didn't work and so on because you hadn’t worked on your strategy first.

As you will no longer doing the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks your marketing will have a much better chance of:

  • getting you results
  • costing you less

Why? Because right at its core it has the all the necessary elements to make you stand out to the customers that count.

Find out how I have helped others stand out.

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