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Why you shouldn't gamble with your marketing

Once they find out I am a marketing consultant, business owners often approach me with requests for help with brochure copy, web page copy, leaflet copy and so on.

My immediate response is do they have a clear understanding of the target audience, why those customers should buy from them rather from anyone else, is in fact a leaflet, brochure, particular web page the best way to reach those customers in order to achieve the business owners objectives? Have they even thought about objectives?

Often they haven’t. Taking this approach may lead to the results they are after, be that more customers, revenue, profit etc. if they are lucky. It is however very much a gamble

Invariably it leads to frustration at money lost on marketing that doesn't work.

Taking time to think through and plan, be that by signing up for discovery package with me or doing it yourself, means that you’ll have all your ducks well and truly lined up in a row.

The process will also help you come up with ideas that you may have not otherwise considered. This will ensure you don't miss a trick. For example:

  • Are there channels you can use to reach your target audience that none of your competitors have considered?
  • Is there a key challenge that your target audience faces that no-one else is addressing?
  • Are there tools you can use to better deliver your product or service that no-one else is using?
  • Are there cheaper but equally effective ways of reaching your target audience than the ones you are considering?

That leaflet you were thinking of may not be the best way forward, the brochure copy you were going to write may not in fact resonate with the group of people you have now realised is your ideal target audience. That event you were looking to deliver face to face could be delivered with equal success online, but at a fraction of the cost.

For one business that worked with me recently, the discovery session and report I ran for them revealed a crucial missing piece to their marketing. Something they are now pursuing.

It may seem easier to rush ahead and not bother with planning and you may get lucky and in the short term it may work out. Longer term though, it won't.

A final note: getting a solid strategy and planning place is only the first step. You need to execute well too.

I can help you get that first part right.

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