Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

I do love an Aesop's fable and the hare and the tortoise is no exception. This was a recent library book from school and the story is a variation of the famous fable.

In it Tortoise and Hare agree to race from England (I presume) to New York.

Hare goes haring off (excuse the pun!) in a bid to get to New York as fast as he can.

Unfortunately he has no plan which means he ends up going all over the place, encountering lots of mishaps along the way. 

Tortoise meanwhile has a plan. He books a ticket on a cruise ship and smoothly sails to New York.

Needless to say he reaches the Big Apple first.

I think there’s an excellent lesson in this tale when it comes to planning.

Race into your marketing without proper thought and you could end up going round in circles.

Put a plan in place and you’ll win the day!

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