Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

It’s lambing season right now in the UK. On a recent school trip to a farm we got to see some cute little lambs.

We also got to see some pregnant ewes. And learned something new.

Ewes only have two teats, so the farm likes to make sure that each mother is only responsible for two lambs once they are born.

So before the ewes give birth, the farm has them scanned to find out how many lambs they are carrying. The ewes are then marked with a colour that corresponds to the number of lambs they are carrying. This means that for ewes carrying more than two lambs, the farmers are on hand to whisk away the extra lambs when they are born to be hand reared. This means that no lamb ends up dying because the mother is overwhelmed. As well as being quite heartening, this of course makes excellent #commercial sense.

This farm provides a great example of planning. They have put steps in place to make sure all of their valuable livestock survives, which whilst it might seem a little harsh when talking about cute little lambs, at the end of the day means they will make more profit.

What planning are you doing to make sure all your metaphorical lambs survive?

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