Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

A different take on business versus marketing objectives

A little background

In my new Facebook group for small business owners, ‘The Secret to Standing Out’, I ran a poll. I wanted to find out what members would be most interested in learning about when it comes to creating marketing strategies to get their businesses standing out.

Setting objectives came out on top. Logical, as knowing where you are heading makes it so much simpler to achieve what you want with your business.

Instead of reinventing the wheel, my original intention was to share an explanation written by someone else. However, the articles I found were so dry. Fine if strategy’s your thing. Not, if you’re a business owner spinning lots of other plates.

Making it relatable

I wanted to make it relatable.

It's summer and my small person and I have been growing lots of flowers this year which got me thinking about sunflowers. Why sunflowers? These are flowers with an obvious goal – to reach for the sun!

Let’s start with business objectives

Imagine you’ve got a blank area of wall in your garden, which would look perfect with some sunflowers growing up it.

You measure the space to determine how many sunflowers you’d need to fit nicely across the space and how high they should be.

That's the equivalent of your BUSINESS OBJECTIVES.

The size of your market and how much space you want in it. e.g. how much growth, revenue etc.

Now your marketing objectives

You then look at how you will do it.

You calculate how many seeds you think you need to grow those sunflowers. You need to then find and source the right seeds. You then plant the seeds, nurture them with the right amount of water and plant food and put them in the right amount of sunshine so they turn from seeds into the beautiful sunflowers. Some will become sunflowers others won't but that doesn't matter as you would have allowed for this in your calculations.

These are your MARKETING OBJECTIVES - what you need to do to fill the space you want in your market. For example, your goals for finding, generating and nurturing customers or leads.

So to recap

Start with what your vision of success is, for example 5 sunflowers at 4ft tall to climb up the empty space of wall. Then work back by deciding how many seeds you need to plant, how frequently you need to water. In other words, the goals for the marketing activity you need to put in place to achieve your business goals.

This analogy can also stretch to a market audit - sense checking whether sunflowers are the right flowers to grow in this space. Does it get the right amount of sunshine and so on? The possibilities are endless….

Found this helpful? Want more of the same? Then I look forward to seeing you in the group.