Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Oranges aren't the only fruit. Nor is social media your only channel. Nor should websites work in isolation

Nor is social media the only channel for your marketing.

Nor are websites built to work in isolation.

Here is why.

Social media is a part, not the whole.

Posting on social media, boosting posts and paying for the occasional ad is unlikely to give you the results you want unless you are trying to raise awareness, influence and engage your target customers in other ways too.

Don't be a one hit wonder

You need to take your prospects on a journey, reaching them in a variety of ways. For the majority of businesses, social media forms just part of that.

Unless you are lucky to serve your piece of marketing to a group of prospects who happen to be poised and ready to buy, a single advert or blog is not going to result in a rush of customers.

How many times have you purchased off the back of a single advert or blog post from a company you have never heard of before?

Depending on what you are marketing and to whom, there are many other ways you should be getting yourself seen, trusted and liked.

Email marketing; re marketing; leaflets; direct mail; workshops; ad, interviews and / or articles in newsletters and magazines; listings in directories; ads on radio, cinema, on digital TV; networking; making presentations / running workshops / webinars; promos; outside advertising….I've merely scratched the surface here, the list is endless!

Which ones you adopt to take your target customer from awareness through to purchase depends, amongst other things, on your business and sector and your reach (local / national / international).

They should also be deployed in a systematic way with the goal of meeting those objectives you have no doubt set, or are planning to set.

But the key take away here is to know that you need more than one route to market.

Because believe it or not, most people don't care about you and your business. Harsh but true. YOU need to make them aware and make them care!

Your website is not an island

Now a brief word about websites: your website cannot work on in isolation. Again, because it’s your job to make people care about what you do.

This means running a range of activities that drive people onto your site and keep them coming back.

My heart sang the other day when I read a report written by an SEO specialist for a client. One of the key recommendations was online and OFFLINE brand building to help get the company name known and to build rankings.

Get your ducks in a row

Of course, before you embark on any marketing, you need to understand where you are heading, work on who you are targeting (not everybody!) and why exactly they should buy from you! That’s where I come in.

All this costs money. How can small businesses afford it?

As a small business owner affording all this can seem daunting. But throwing away money on marketing that doesn't work or is only doing part of the job isn't going to help you reach your business goals.

There are small business finance specialists who can help you understand what money you currently have available in your business - trimming the fat in places you may not have otherwise considered could make all the difference. They can also help you plan for the future, allowing you to make better informed decisions about sourcing finance.

Take the first step

Want to get to know these specialists and the role they can play in getting your marketing working? Join my group, the Secret to Standing Out.

About me: I am Tanya and I run Distinktiv. I help other small businesses stand out by working with them to gain clarity around who they are targeting and how they position what they sell to their target audience in a way that will gain cut through.