Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

I work with small business owners. I love it. The drive. The passion.

I do work with marketers, as you will discover when you read on. The majority, however, are not marketers. So until they meet someone like me, many see marketing as a series of tactics. For example, creating a website, social media and leaflets.

They won’t have previously considered working on their target customer and how it relates to their value proposition. Activities that will help their business really stand out in the minds of those most likely to buy.

By encouraging them to work through the elements I mention above, I am essentially helping the business owners I work with to start building a brand.

However many think brands are only for the likes of Nike, Virgin, Apple etc. and not for them. ‘I'm a small business, I don't need a brand.’ they say.

Consequently I don't use the term. I talk more broadly about building a strategy, about putting the foundations in place that will lead to achieving better results from their marketing.

To create emotional connections with their ideal client.

To give a clear but compelling reason why their ideal client should choose to do business with them and keep doing so.

The other week I was talking to another marketer about a mutual acquaintance. She mentioned how much clearer and compelling what that person and their business stands for had become.

The power of branding - even if you don't realise that's what you’re doing!

‘That was you?’ she said. ‘Wow. I'm glad our paths have crossed.’

Guess what! I am working on hers right now. Want to be next? Message me!