Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

The LOTUS FLOWER is pretty amazing. It can emerge from the murky waters surrounding it and look completely pure.

I believe it illustrates the real beauty in being able to break through and stand out.

Why is standing out important? Your marketing efforts can easily be drowned out by the barrage of marketing noise made by your competitors, direct or indirect. In fact, by anyone out there competing for your target customer’s attention.

In many cases, you'll only have a few seconds in which to get noticed. Once you have their attention there’s still more work to do. You need to keep them interested so they don't end up distracted by that cute video of dancing cats that has just popped up on their social media feed.....

Accomplishing this is so much easier if you take time to work on who you are targeting and your value proposition. Firstly, focus your efforts on identifying and getting to know your ideal client (see this blog to find out how). By the way, it's not about niching your business but about focusing your marketing efforts on the group of customers who are most likely to buy, potentially most profitable and / or the easiest to work with. Then, once you are clear on your ideal client, work on understanding what they see as the best experience when using the kind of product or service that you sell. Once you have that insight, shape your product or service to be as close to that ideal as possible.

You’ll get and keep their attention. Not least because it will elicit a response such as ‘that's exactly what I’ve been looking for!’

So, imagine your market as murky waters. There are lots of other businesses competing with you for custom. What are you doing to cut through and stand out to your target customers? Your ideal client? To be that LOTUS FLOWER standing out from the murky waters?

Again, how well do you know your target customers? Do you know what motivates them to purchase the type of product or service that you sell? Do you know what they see as the ideal experience when it comes to using your kind of product or service? Have you used this insight to make your product or service more attractive to them than your competitors? So it stands out.

In short, be that LOTUS FLOWER!

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