Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out


A little person I know likes making chains from dandelions rather than daisies. She finds it easier. They’re bigger so it's less fiddly and you don’t need so many to make a crown. Not only that, they’re more robust so the chain is less likely to break.

Sometimes doing something a little bit differently, like using dandelions instead of daisies, could actually be the tipping point for your business. That one small change could be the thing that transforms your product from merely pleasing potential customers to delighting them.

Yes, you could rely on luck but a safer bet would be to work on really getting to know your target customer, what makes them tick, what makes them interested in the kind of product or service you sell. Then use this insight to build a picture of what would be the best customer experience for them. Could switching from a daisy to a dandelion be the small change that you make that results in your product and service standing out and completely delighting your target customer?

My discovery packages can help you answer that.