Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

wasp or bee - working on your value proposition

Both are similar - the striking black and yellow stripes, the buzzing, the painful sting.

Both perform a useful job - they pollinate flowers.

However bees do have one other obvious well known benefit in that they make delicious honey.

For that reason our perception of them is far more positive.

Wasps do have a purpose - they pollinate - yet we often see them as nothing more than annoying pests.

Your product or service could also have a valuable purpose. Nevertheless, if you are not letting people know this, like the wasp, or you haven’t found a way to make it more attractive in the way the bee has with honey, your business is never going to achieve its fullest potential.

So what are you? A wasp or a bee? What are you doing to make your product and service so attractive that it stands out for the right reasons to your target customers?

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