Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

Making the process of building a marketing strategy more accessible is at the very heart of what I do. I don't use lots of complex charts and models. In fact I have been told by other small business owners that this makes the idea of spending time on what can be a game changer much more amenable.

On the subject of game changers, Instagram has been one for me. It’s still early days but it has provided me with a platform to take the day-to-day and turn otherwise dry topics such as value proposition development and customer segmentation and targeting into something engaging and even entertaining. More importantly, it has helped me bring these concepts down to an everyday level. So, where I can, I use photos where I have captured objects or situations I come across as I go about my daily life.

The aim is to provide tips and guidance that will benefit small business owners and encourage those that aren't doing so already to work on their strategy. Here are my three favourites:

1. The tin of chocolates

chocolates value proposition

Imagine that you are your customer and one of those chocolates is your product or service. What are you doing – through product design and marketing – to make what you sell so attractive to your customer that they won’t hesitate to pick you?

2. Fluorescent unicorn

Fluorescent unicorn

So, what are you doing to stand out? And I am not suggesting you should take some ‘well-loved’ Perspex glass, a lamp and some fluorescent pen.

Have you sat down recently and thought about what it is that really drives your target customers to buy your product or service? Not the obvious – like get a haircut if you are a hairdresser, ort answer the phone, if you are a VA. Is it to free up their time so they can focus on what they are passionate about? Is it to make them feel better about themselves? Is it something else?

Whatever it is, could you be doing something different or better to help your customer achieve those goals? In terms of the service or product itself or your customer experience? Are there any alliances you could form with businesses offering a slightly different product or service but who are trying to achieve the same goal for your customer?

Grab a pen and pencil and take 10 minutes. You’ll be surprised what you come up with.

3. Bunch of flowers

bunch of flowers

A bunch of flowers means different things to different people. For some they brighten a room. For others, such as the little one whose hand’s in the picture, they are a sensory experience. Something to touch and smell – I drew the line at tasting! 

The same goes for your products and services. They can mean different things to different people. That’s why tailoring your product or service value proposition to the group of people most likely to buy is so powerful.

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