Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

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If you’re reading this and you followed Distinktiv’s Countdown to Christmas, a huge thank you for joining me throughout Advent and I hope you are now in a stronger place when it comes to planning for 2018. For those of you who missed the countdown, I posted tips and guidance each day during Advent that were designed to provide small business owners with inspiration when it comes to planning for 2018.

They cover topics ranging from identifying your ideal client and how to define your value proposition to conducting a market audit and setting objectives. In short, they provide a comprehensive guide to building a plan in 2018 that will get your business standing out.

Described as ‘really great short pieces of advice that make you stop and think’ and ‘advice and guidance that I look forward to reading each morning’ as well as simply ‘awesome tips’ they are already benefiting a number of small business owners. How about you?

If you are heading into 2018 without a plan in place, then sign up now to download the tips, which I have collated into a handy pdf.


Photo Credit: gregorylee / 123RF Stock Photo