Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

To a good many of us, GDPR seems like a spectre of doom looming over the horizon. A burden on our businesses that we’ll all have to deal with between now and 25 May 2018.

So, you may find it surprising when we tell you it does, in fact, present an opportunity. One where you can really improve how you manage, attract and engage customers.

If we’re honest about it, a good number of us could make improvements to our marketing databases. Do we know who is even in them? How those contacts ended up in there and what their attitude is towards us?

With almost ⅔ of businesses surveyed by Hubspot last year quoting traffic and lead generation as their biggest marketing challenge, cleaning your database is a really a no brainer.

GDPR is the perfect catalyst for getting on with this job – one that  you’ve either been putting off or may not have even been on your radar in the first place.

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Of course, we can't promise you a database full of Raving Fans by Christmas. However, we can help you set the ball rolling so by the time GDPR comes into effect next May you will have a compliant database and be well on your way to filling it with those Raving Fans.

Tanya at Distinktiv and Teresa at ClarityCX

About us:

Tanya Gaffon: I have over 15 years marketing strategy experience here in the UK and abroad. I am helping an ever-growing number of small businesses through my company, Distinktiv, to stand out and achieve a better return on their marketing by working with them to develop smarter marketing strategies.

Teresa Gandy: I am a Customer Experience Consultant, specialising in customer feedback and engagement. I am the owner ClarityCX, which supports SMEs understand how to create and utilise customer feedback for marketing, social media and operational improvements that differentiates a business from the competition.