Thoughtful marketing to make you stand out

You’re setting up your business. You’ve put together a list of things you need to do for your marketing. Website CHECK. Business cards CHECK. A leaflet CHECK. Facebook page CHECK. Instagram account CHECK. Twitter Account CHECK. Attend some networking events CHECK ….Oh and who am I targeting? Let’s make that all businesses in a 20-mile radius. And let’s scribble down some key messages to pass onto the designer for the leaflet…..Right?

WRONG! Oh, and I love a bit of irony but this makes me want to weep. The two things that you should nail first and that will result in much better marketing further down the line are frequently added on as an afterthought.

Yes, who you are targeting – your ideal client or dream customer, depending on which term you prefer.

And how you position what you sell to them in a way that they instantly recognise as valuable, making you stand out - the bit that underpins those key messages that you scribbled down for your designer….

Get those right and they will help you create focused objectives and make informed decisions when it comes to how you market and when and where.

The outcome? You’ll get far better results from your marketing.  

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Photo credit: ra2studio / 123RF Stock Photo